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    When crafting electric guitars and bass guitars, both as single pieces and in small series, I always strive to reach the highest possible standard in quality of workmanship, to create consistent designs and to realise my idea of a unique sound. For this purpose I use different tonewoods, material components and solid hardware, which - combined with my empirical knowledge in traditionally manufacturing electric guitars - lets every instrument that leaves my workshop go through its very own treatment in finishing and setup.
    To achieve the full potential of each intrument in regard to frequency range, sustain and playability, I assemble the body woods and necks with the finest body tops and fretboards, furthermore I equip them with hardware and pickups I develop, produce and customize.

    All guitar and bassguitar models on this homepage can be purchased when in stock, reproduced as seen here, or can be customized using different woods, components or finishing methods.
    Building a good electric guitar is a complex process that involves a great many variables and choices, hence the pricing of a custom guitar always corresponds to the chosen methods and techniques, the quality of the material components and hardware units.

    Check out this website to learn more about my products. Always feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning the availability or the pricing of a particular instrument, or just tell me about your ideas for your own Schreiner Guitar.

    Philipp Schreiner, Berlin 2015